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One of the main questions that concerns users of the Casino X online casino is how to maintain permanent access to the gaming site without interruption? At the same time, while maintaining the desire to have a good time, without spending a lot of time and nerves on this matter. Constant blocking of the RKN, DDoS attacks on servers, as well as complaints from competitors do not allow the Casino X domain to remain for a long time. When blocking the main site official website of Casino X, the best way to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of excitement is to find an up-to-date Casino X mirror.

Working mirror Casino X

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So, what kind of fruit is the working mirror of Casino X? The mirror is a complete copy of the official site, which is identical and no different, except for the domain name. Casino developers take the site and transfer it to a new address that is not yet blocked. On the Casino X mirror, you can freely log in with your username and password, make deposits and participate in tournaments. You do not need to repeat the registration process. It is important to remember that mirrors are not a permanent solution. In the same case as with the casino gaming domain, it can be banned. In this case, you will need to find a fresh mirror made by the Casino X team of programmers. Finding a working Casino X mirror is very easy and it’s not a secret. You can always ask about the mirror in the support service on the casino website, or use our website,

Alternative mirror options

If you are not satisfied with the mirror search, you can always use other methods to get to the Casino X website.

  1. Official app. Casino X has both a mobile application for android and IOS smartphones and a desktop version for Windows OC. The advantage is that the application always has an up-to-date link to the casino;
  2. VPN. Using VPN, you can always visit sites, even those banned by RosKomNadzor. Even on the site of Casino X;
  3. Distribution of notifications. When registering or in the player’s profile, I advise you to subscribe to the mailing list, where you can always find a mirror;
  4. anonymous browsers. With the help of such browsers, you can access any blocked site.

Where to download the Casino X mirror

There is one immutable rule that experienced gamers have understood thoroughly. You can download the link of the Casino X mirror only from the official website. Beginners will be indignant, saying that there are so many resources with such a proposal, why limit yourself in opportunities. However, the administration of Casino X will not call in vain, and strongly recommend. The point is that it is unlikely that you will be able to download an up-to-date mirror from third-party sites. Mirrors become obsolete over time, some get banned. But they are not deleted, but continue to be on sites on the Internet. The link will simply not be valid, although you so hoped for it. Another reason why you should download Casino X from the official site is the likelihood of infecting your device. No one checks third-party resources for viruses or other dangerous software. They penetrate suddenly, one has only to visit one of the infected sites. Malicious software causes irreparable damage to a computer or other device, takes control of processes, and ultimately disables the entire system. No antivirus will help, these are all stupid tales for the narrow-minded. Why risk your device when you can perfectly download a link to a mirror from the original site?

Mirror Casino XCopy of the official site
purposeBlock bypass
Where can I downloadCasino support
How to enterWith a working link
Use login and passwordFormer
RegistrationNew users
Update frequency1-2 times a month
Sports bettingAvailable
WithdrawalsFree after verification

For Casino X, a healthy website and working atmosphere are important. The resource is checked daily, all processes are monitored, and problems are eliminated even before they appear. Therefore, the Casino X website is safe in all respects, you can download not only mirrors, but also any software. They are all under constant control, which ensures absolute reliability. It would seem that everything is very clear and understandable, but some users do not want to listen. Not only viruses are waiting for them, there is another threat. Fraudsters have been operating on the expanses of the world wide web for a long time. Their victims are stupid users who want to download Casino X, but prefer to bypass the official safe site. Scam traps are usually placed on the first pages of a search engine. The headlines are overwhelming, “Download Casino X for free”, and the like. But they have nothing to do with the casino, their task is to convince fools to go to the site and follow a fake link. Further, scammers get access to all user data, including his personal account. They take everything to the penny, and disappear. There are plenty of reasons not to do stupid things, legal Casino X is the only resource for finding mirrors.

Mirror Casino X vs app

The main goal of both the mirror and the application is to provide unhindered access to Casino X despite Roskomnadzor blocking. Mirrors appeared earlier, and will never become obsolete. Why is the official site blocked? It seems that the activity is legal and there is a license. The fact is that the Curacao license is not valid in our country, and even if it were valid, it will not protect against blocking. Casino X is not the only establishment threatened, this applies to absolutely all casinos and bookmakers. Gambling is not welcomed by the authorities, and therefore unspoken commands are given to ban everything related to gambling. Let’s return to the question of which is better, the Casino X application or a mirror, as a means of bypassing the blocking. Here it is impossible to judge unambiguously. Each method is unique and has both pros and cons. The Casino X mirror has a lot of drawbacks:

  • inconstancy;
  • frequent freezes;
  • the need to check for relevance;
  • constant search for fresh links;
  • poor performance;
  • fragility.

Meanwhile, Casino X mirrors remain in demand, despite the presence of a mobile application or a desktop version. How can they be useful if the smartphone has an unblockable program with ideal functional characteristics. But you don’t cut off your head even with an acute migraine. The Casino X mirror acts as an additional insurance, just in case of a non-standard case. Downloading a mobile app is a smart decision, but equipment can accidentally break, crash, burn, drown, and so on. Those who play in a casino for fun can survive this before purchasing a new device, and bettors cannot even wait until the morning. Note that Casino X also functions as a bookmaker and offers full sports betting. And bettors do not know how to wait, and do not forgive negligence. In case of force majeure, the bettor will use the Casino X mirror, bringing the matter to an end. It follows from this that it is foolish to seek the superiority of one over the other. The mirror complements the application, which in turn provides comfort in use until the mirrors are needed. Better download the links to Casino X, and we will repeat where they can be found:

  • in the support service of Casino X;
  • in the casino news feed;
  • on the channels of Casino X in social networks;
  • on thematic forums;
  • from experienced bettors of this institution;
  • in promotional sections on the official website.