The Wild Chase

A real gift for gamers was a unique slot from Quickspin – The Wild Chase. You can find it at Casino x and win a good amount. The plot will amaze anyone, because together with the heroes of the robbers, the player will be in the heart of Monte Carlo. Unbelievable adventures related to the theft of diamonds are waiting for you ahead. Having obtained the jewels, you will have to flee at breakneck speed along the sea coast.

There will also be two cute adventurers in the company, so it will definitely not be boring. The game uses “wild” and bonus symbols that trigger multiple free spins. And the “wild” symbol, in itself, is a surplus multiplier. During the regular spins, the respins feature is activated and all is well. Faster in Casino x, and turn on The Wild Chase!

A brief overview of The Wild Chase

In the background, a picturesque landscape of a beautiful warm country opens up, which everyone dreams of getting into. At the top there is a logo, and at the bottom there is a control panel. Navigation is very simple, consisting of traditional keys with symbols. On the playing field, stripes with cells are visible, where you can get acquainted with all the heroes of the upcoming adventure. It is also possible to evaluate the range of values ​​for which the hunt is being prepared.

The game is accompanied by an excellent soundtrack, corresponding to the plot. Various sound effects focus the gamer’s attention on important points, and animation elements emphasize the correctness of the action. On the official website of Casino X , all slot machines are close to maximum realism, and in the case of The Wild Chase, it reaches 90%.

Varieties of symbols in The Wild Chase slot

Starting to spin the drum, various symbols appear on the screen, the value of which is difficult to determine the first time. But the outcome of the game depends on them, and with it the winnings. Therefore, Casino x provides a demo game mode that allows you to thoroughly familiarize yourself with both the symbols and the conditions. Demo mode is a practice game where you can gain experience without spending any money. Briefly, the character set looks like this:

  • low-paying symbols – ordinary items (glasses, watches, lips, etc.);
  • highly valuable symbols – paintings in elegant frames;
  • special purpose symbols – images with inscriptions.

It is absolutely pointless to use cheap symbols, as they come at low odds. Even if the bet is the maximum, during rotation, a combination of ten such symbols will not beat off the cost of the spin. With the help of valuable symbols, you can cover the credits taken for the spins. Moreover, they bring even in excess of that amount. Special purpose symbols are considered service symbols, and no awards are given. They are intended to activate game advantages.i